Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of everyone in our school community. With that in mind, our inclement weather policy is designed to support the parental decision-making process and to offer guidelines for the operation of our school.
   First, all absences and tardies caused by poor weather and/or poor road conditions are excused. No one should feel rushed or pressured to travel when weather is bad.
   Second, we will use late start schedules as a way to extend the time allotted for transportation. On a late start schedule, classes will begin with either a one or a two hour delay. Occasionally, we will call for an "early dismissal" if we determine that the roads will be worse at normal dismissal time.
   Third, canceling classes for the day will be a last resort. If we determine that the roads are passable and that given enough time faculty and students can get to school safely, then we will have classes. We act independently of public school decisions which must consider young children and bus routes.
   If classes are cancelled at the beginning of the day, after school activities may take place if conditions improve. If we dismiss early, then all after school and evening activities are automatically cancelled.
   We call parents with our automated calling service and will notify major media outlets of our decisions. Decisions to cancel classes will be made before 6:00 a.m., if possible.

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